Hi, I’m Madalina 👋🏻

I help mission-driven news organisations, foundations and NGOs articulate and serve the needs of their communities. 

I am available for consulting and contract work, remotely or in person in London – here’s what I can do for you, here’s a list of organisations I’ve collaborated with, and here’s more information about my skills

Until April 2023, I was the director for Project Oasis 🏝 at SembraMedia, where I led a team of five people and three contractors. Project Oasis is a searchable, interactive directory and research study analysing the sustainability of independent digital native media organisations in Europe.

I have 9 years of experience across programme design and project management, community engagement and product. I have launched grant funds💰, developed databases and products, designed knowledge-sharing initiatives for engaged journalism practitioners🧠, set up mentoring schemes 👥, written and edited accountability and learning reports📋, produced case studies and podcasts💻, and organised dozens of workshops and training events for journalists🗣. You can find more examples of my work here.

“Madalina absolutely shines and adds value with her organisational aptitude and her sharp mind, but especially with her rapport building: she has always inspired me through how she actively listens to people (be it colleagues, stakeholders or high-level partners/ funders), gives clear, consistent advice and direction, and is able to bring the best out in people.”
Kathryn Geels, former manager at the European Journalism Centre 
“Madalina was a dream to work with during Chalkbeat's end-of-year fundraising campaign, and she helped us surpass our previous year's total donations! She is proactive, thoughtful, collaborative and solutions-oriented — I hope we can work together again in the future.”
Kary Perez, Chalkbeat

My strengths are empathy, listening, attention to detail and strategic thinking. I am inspired by collaboration, human-centered design and systems thinking. I love working with people and bringing them together to learn from each other – find out what people have to say about working with me.  

Get in touch on madalinacciobanu[@]gmail.com if you’d like to collaborate. 

 Headshot by Tetsuro Miyazaki, event images by

Stefanie Loos, Thom Bartley